About the Artist

Meet the Artist

Perception of the darkness has an oppressive presence where blackness is filled with unrecognizable shapes and forms, interpreted into a barrage of black wild strokes. Through the deconstruction of
the darkness, perception is altered and a true understanding can be ascertained. My artwork involves the investigation and deconstruction of darkness, the forms, and establishes a translation of images through the layering of pigments, strokes, and textures that the mind omits when submerged into darkness. Forms converge and light will inadvertently emerge, noting not all is black.

Working with the Artist

I have had amazing opportunities to work with some fantastic clientele, those who have held a significant role partnering in projects, or recipients of artworks and designs. Meet a few!


“One of my favorite artworks is a painting by Jessica Balli. She has the innate ability to capture light, emotion and beauty in such a way that, the light still dances across it and thrills me over and over. She captured my favorite place in the exact light I wanted, and even thought of the slightest details to match my other pieces. Jessica is thoughtful, articulate and extremely professional."

                                            Carla J. Aiken

 Deconstruct to Reconstruct Model/ Author of No Graffiti in Heaven

"Jessica is not only a phenomenal woman but she is also a brilliant artist.  It is a rarity that one can capture the true vision of words through art. She is a woman with a dynamic background, an exceptional mother, sister and is the true definition of a friend.  Her caring and compassionate heart coupled with her strong faith is what fuels, drives, moves and motivates her into the direction of excellence. Her ability to listen with her heart to make words come to life proves that her talent is one that is embedded deep within her spirit.  Art, for Jessica, is oxygen; it has proven to be therapy, it has proven to be life."

Ronay Delley

Deconstruct to Reconstruct Model/ Author of Learning to Love Again/ Creative Director of Penned Winery

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